A Beginner’s Guide to Boxing

Boxing is perhaps the toughest of all person-to-person combat sport. It is also a great stimulating workout that requires extreme fitness, speed, power, agility, endurance and supreme mental toughness. It is a beautiful yet dangerous sport that pits the best against the toughest.

Several Byron Bay boxing coaching centres teach you all about this fascinating sport that offers multiple benefits for the body and mind.

Basic Boxing Techniques

Boxing brings out the true fighter inside you like no other sport. However, if you want to reach the peaks of glory, you need to go through months of rigorous training. It is crucial for you, as a beginner, to master the basics before moving on to competitive events.

The Basic Stance

In boxing, the basic stance is the same for beginners for both attack and defence mode. You need to stand with your back heel and front toe on the centre line with your dominant hand behind you. Distribute your body weight evenly on both legs with the knees bent slightly.

Place both feet diagonally at a little more than shoulder width. Keep your head behind the raised gloved hand with the chin bent slightly downward.

You should be able to return to this basic stance position easily after each combat.

The Basic Footwork

Your Byron Bay boxing trainer will teach you all about the two essential pieces of boxing footwork. These are the step-drag movement and the pivot movement.

The step-drag movement is crucial as boxing is not about jumping around. You need to keep your feet glued to the floor to gain maximum leverage from the ground. To do it, take a step with your lead foot and drag your rear foot as you move around. The movement ensures your body stays stable irrespective of whether you are attacking or defending.

The pivot is the other fundamental boxing footwork that every beginner should master. It is done by pivoting your body off the front foot. It is a very useful footwork during counter-punching or defending yourself from your opponent’s punches.

The Basic Punching Technique

Beginners are also taught all about the basic punching techniques in Byron Bay boxing classes. The trick to a classic punch is to leverage the power of your entire bodyweight while throwing the punch.

With regular practice, you will learn how to tighten and relax your fist at the exact moment of contact for throwing repeated punches that are right on target. Remember to inhale as you clench your fist and exhale as your deliver your punches.

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