Benefits of Boxing and Extreme Conditioning

Benefits of Boxing and Extreme Conditioning

Boxing is considered one of the oldest combative sports. Supposedly developed by the Greeks, the primary aim of boxing is to hit your opponent while avoid taking hits. Boxing, therefore, trains you to move with remarkable speed and accuracy under any circumstances. It also teaches you how to strike back while maintaining a safe distance from your opponent.

While there are several other benefits of boxing, self-defence itself should be reason enough for you to enrol for boxing classes at our extreme sports Byron Bay.

Benefits of Boxing

Although a combative sport, boxing has immense benefit for your cardiovascular health. All that punching, kicking and jumping you do at your extreme sports Byron Bay will pump up the heart and keep it healthier.

Boxing is great for improving hand-eye coordination. As a regular boxer at your local extreme sports Byron Bay, you become accustomed to quick responses that require excellent coordination between what you see and how fast you move your hand in reaction. Such training will be especially helpful as you age and your faculties become weaker.

Boxing also makes your entire body stronger, fitter, leaner and more flexible. Your reflexes improve vastly as does your self-confidence.

Extreme Conditioning Programmes (ECPs) are specially created fitness modules that can vastly improve your physical fitness in relatively quick time. In fact, such is the rising popularity of ECPs that this is one of the most enrolled classes at our extreme sports Byron Bay.

Extreme conditioning programmes encompass various high-intensity workouts with little breathing space in between. Understandably, when you work so hard at such a fast pace, you are guaranteed to lose weight quickly and gain in strength and flexibility.

The repeated high-energy workouts pump up your heart and lungs thereby offering cardiovascular benefits. Moreover, with your heart pumping away, your metabolic rate improves too. A higher metabolic rate helps burn more fat and gives your body a beautiful well-toned, leaner look.

Apart from the above, extreme conditioning programmes taught at our extreme sports Byron Bay gym greatly improves flexibility and muscular endurance.

Extreme conditioning programmes also improve your functional fitness. This means that with regular practice, you can perform your daily functions more comfortably and with less risk of injury. This is because ECPs include multi-joint movements that make your bones stronger and your joints more flexible.

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