Defending a Bigger Attacker in a Street Fight

Out on the streets, it’s always good to know how to defend yourself against unexpected attacks from bigger adversaries. Street fighters go by their own rules and are desperate enough to kill or die.

Martial art is a great way to defend yourself and your family. We offer regular martial arts Byron Bay gym.

Martial arts have long been accepted as one of the best ways of hand-to-hand combat when you are without arms and facing a heavier adversary. Talk to us today to know more about self-defence and our martial arts Byron Bay.

Learn to Evade the Danger

In a street fight, the safest option is to evade danger and flee. Don’t consider this as cowardice but as a technique of self-defence. At our martial arts Byron Bay, you will learn how to successfully dodge a heavier opponent charging at you like a mad bull.

There are several techniques to throw your opponent off-guard, which gives you enough time to flee.

Control the Distance

During street fights, it is vital to know what distance to maintain under different conditions. The safest distance is when you are out of reach of your opponent so that neither can attack each other.

The most dangerous zone is the middle distance where both of you are within each other’s reach. This is the riskiest part, and if you don’t know how to defend, you are sure to go down. Try to get out of your attacker’s reach as fast as you can.

The third zone is the close range when both of you are within each other’s grasp. With the right technique and movements, you can grapple successfully and bring down your heavier attacker.

Our martial arts Byron Bay coaches teach you to maintain the ideal distance for self-defence in a street fight.

Aim to Ground your Opponent

At our martial arts Byron Bay training centre, you will learn several techniques that make you an expert in grounding your opponent. This is the most advantageous position as you can pin him to the ground and deliver your deadliest blow.

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