Tips for Choosing the Right Martial Arts Class

Martial arts have become a rage in the western world today thanks to the multiple benefits it offers to your body; mind and spirit. No other fitness regime combines the three essential elements of your existence so perfectly and completely to prepare you for life’s challenges.

We at The Academy Byron Bay offer different styles of martial art for students of all age groups. It is our constant endeavour to offer you a better quality of life through the regular practice of martial arts.

Be Clear about your Goals

There are several styles of martial art; each with its unique benefits. Some make you an expert in hand-to-hand combat while others teach you controlled aggression. Some techniques focus more on meditation and breathing techniques to calm your mind while others include acrobatic movement that greatly improves your agility.

Our expert team at The Academy Byron Bay guide you all about the different styles so that you can select the one most suited for your purpose.

Enquire about the Instructors

Trainers can make a huge difference to the success of your martial arts training programme. Good instructors who are really involved in your well-being will encourage you to expand your knowledge, skills and techniques.

Our experienced trainers at The Academy Byron Bay will listen to your priorities patiently to understand your goals so that you choose the right style.

Ensure who Conducts the Sessions

Many shady academies boast a long list of experienced teachers on their roster but in reality, they employ trainers that do not have a high degree of proficiency. The ‘experts’ visit the academy only on certain days and stay for a few hours just to interact with the students. This saves the academy money but at your cost.

The martial arts trainers at The Academy Byron Bay are proficient trainers with years of experience in introducing beginners to martial arts in a safe and effective manner.

Check out the Lesson Plan and Curriculum

Martial art is a systematic and controlled approach to developing your physical and mental faculties. Rushing into it will lead to injuries and disappointments. It requires a proper lesson plan that will help you develop your skills and techniques.

At The Academy Byron Baywe have an efficient team of trainers who develop our curriculum with great care. We have classes for students of every age group and these are scheduled in a way that you can appreciate martial arts without getting stressed out.

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Our vision at The Academy is to show every member of our community a better version of themselves through dedication to Martial Arts, athletics and a balanced & healthy lifestyle.


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