Types of Extreme Sports You Can Learn

Extreme sports are categorized as recreational activities with a high risk factor coupled with mind-boggling thrill and excitement. Such activities involve extreme physical exertion, high speed and supreme confidence in yourself. Some people indulge in extreme sports just to test their endurance and mental strength while others consider this a great way to improve physical and mental fitness.

There are several extreme sports you can try out at an extreme sports Byron Bay class. Each class is equally beneficial for your overall wellbeing.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the most fascinating martial arts in the world today. It is an extreme sport that requires a lot of grappling, physical contact and ground fighting.

As a beginner, you start by learning the fundamentals of the sport such as basic techniques, movement patterns and different ways of positioning your body. You learn self-defence skills which are so essential in everyday life.

As you advance further, you focus on competitive training that pits you against the best opponents. The sparring sessions are more intense and longer thereby giving your entire body an exceptionally intense workout.


Boxing can be considered both as an extreme sport and a super effective fitness routine. Today, it is hailed as one of the most effective ways of staying fit, agile and mentally active. Extreme sports Byron Bay classes offer regular boxing sessions both for beginners and the seasoned practitioner.

Boxing is extremely popular with those who love to test their endurance, stamina and striking prowess against the best opponents. With regular training, you are certain to burn fat, improve hand-eye coordination, be agile and grow in confidence.

Boxing is also a great stress buster. It allows you to vent out your anger or frustration or whatever is bothering you when you are striking out at an opponent.

Muay Thai Kickboxing

This is really an exotic martial art which is Thailand’s national sport. It is extremely demanding; both physically and mentally. The manoeuvres are both graceful yet deadly so you will always have to remain alert.

On the other hand, it also involves meditation and breathing practices that leave you calm and confident from within.


Extreme sports Byron Bay classes also offer MMA (or Mixed Martial Arts) sessions. It is just perfect for you if you love to push yourself against all limits by combining different martial art disciplines.

In each session, you can expect to do rounds of wrestling; kickboxing; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and so on with little break in-between.

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