What is MMA?

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is the latest trend in the fitness world across the globe. From its initial days when its practice was limited to a select group, MMA has today become a widely accepted and respected sport that is taught at several extreme sports fitness centres in Byron Bay.

MMA is a form of extreme sports that prepares you for any situation in life and teaches you how to confront such inimical conditions with confidence and emerge a winner.

When you want to be both physically and mentally fit to take on life’s challenges, it is a must that you undergo regular MMA sessions at an extreme sports academy in Byron Bay.

All About MMA

As mentioned above, MMA is a style of extreme sports that combines different martial arts into each session. A typical MMA session at an extreme sportsfitness centre in Byron Bay comprises both traditional martial art styles and combative sports.

You will learn karate, Muay Thai, jiu-jitsu, judo, taekwondo and so on along with boxing, wrestling, kick-boxing and similar physically demanding sports.

MMA rounds are five-minute long with amateur contests comprising three rounds each. However, professional fights have five rounds in each contest.

MMA Rules

Most people wrongly think that since MMA is a combination of several styles, it does not stick to any particular rules and regulations. Nothing can be further from the truth as MMA has several rules that regulate the combats and ensure the safety of participants.

You will learn all about such rules during your extreme sports training sessions in Byron Bay such as area of the fighting arena, guidelines on hand wrapping, how to detect fouls and so on.

The rules are extremely thorough and absolutely essential for you to know if you really want to understand and appreciate this unique sport.

MMA has Weight Categories

Just like boxing or wrestling, MMA has its own weight categories. Your trainer at an extreme sports academy in Byron Bay will tell you all about the weight categories to help you understand where you fit in.

Typical MMA weight categories are flyweight for up to 125 lbs, bantamweight for between 125 lbs and 135 lbs, featherweight for those between 135 lbs to 145 lbs and lightweight for between 145 lbs to 155 lbs.

There are also welterweight for people weighing between 155 lbs to 170 lbs, middleweight for between 170 lbs and 185 lbs and light heavyweight for those between 185 lbs and 205 lbs. Participants who are very bulky and weigh between 205 lbs and 265 lbs fall into the heavyweight category.

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