What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai, also known as Thai Boxing is a type of hand to hand combat style martial art. It is both a mental and physical discipline that gives you total control over both your mind and body. The discipline is also referred to as the art of eight limbs as it typically involves the combined use of your elbows, fists, shins, knees and other body parts. This makes your entire body extremely efficient for contact combat.

There are several Muay Thai Byron Bay training schools that can help you become an expert in this unique fitness discipline from the orient.

An Insight into the Art of Muay Thai

Fundamentally, the art of Muay Thai is an extremely effective form of martial art that prepares you thoroughly for self-defence. It is a traditional Thai martial art that boasts centuries of glorious history.

There are several versions about its origins since most of the originally written documents have been lost through the centuries. One popular version states that Muay Thai was first used by Thai warriors as an effective combat technique during wars.

It was probably during this time that the basic manual, ‘Chupasart’ was composed. The manual details the various forms of Muay Thai techniques. It also provides great insight into the significance of achieving oneness of the soul, mind and body and how to achieve it.

Today, the technique as taught in most Muay Thai Byron Bay training centres, evolved from this ancient text.

A Unique Art Form

Muay Thai can both be graceful and brutal at the same time. It is wonderful to watch two experts pitted against each other in almost dance-like movements that can nevertheless be lethal!

People often confuse Muay Thai with kickboxing as there are many similarities in the movement patterns. However, there are several significant differences too between these two combat techniques. While in kickboxing, you use four points of contact; in Muay Thai you use eight points of contact. The style, therefore, engages the entire body both during defence and attack positions.

Muay Thai as a Sport

Muay Thai emerged as a sport during the reign of king Prachao Sua who loved the combat style. He travelled extensively to promote it as a sport and patronize its spread and popularity.

In the west, it was introduced by Thai soldiers who were stationed in France during World War II and taught the westerners this unique oriental combat technique. Today, Muay Thai is popular all over the world and there are several Muay Thai Byron Bay trainers who can help you learn this skill.

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